Disaster Recovery



In case of failure, Disaster Recovery strategies enable the system to recover its original condition in the shortest possible time.


Ensure the latest versions repository.

One of the challenges usually faced by companies is the loss of relevant data about their processes. IT departments devote big efforts and investments to have robust technologies enabling a continuous service to application users.

In order to ensure the continuity of operations and to avoid unscheduled shutdowns, a backup and process-level change system must be available, including not only PCs but also PLCs, SCADAs, HMIS, CNCs and robots, among others.

Remote management of terminal services clients.

5 minutes: it’s the recovery time after a failure for thin client based operational station and remote desktop based architectures. There’s no loss of information since thin clients are devices which do not store any dats and their replacement is so simple, in plug & play mode, that the earlier restart times and costs are no longer necessary.

Implement High Availability in your Industry