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Manufacturing facilities, Infraestructures and Smart Cities High Availibility, 3 sectors in which Logitek answers

Logitek High Availability guarantees the availability of your infrastructure

We offer computing solutions based on our automation expertise in order to guarantee the continuity of business from an industrial point of view.
High Availability has become a necessary concept to ensure the competence in your industry.

High Availability Technologies


Disaster Recovery

In case of failure, they enable the system to recover its original condition in the shortest possible time

Data Integrity

Security processes creation and standardization

Fault Tolerance

Host critical applications in high availability environments

Analysis and Awareness

Logitek High Availability offers an expert team to help you

High Availability Levels

Achieving your availability goal is easier than ever

3 Key sectors in High Availability


High Availability in the Automotive  Industry, Pharmaceutical and Food & Beverage


High Availability in Airports, Energy and Water Management

Smart Cities

High Availability in Smart Cities

High Availability News

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High-availability key factors for OT leaders

High-availability key factors for OT leaders

There’s a growing discussion in offices and manufacturing plants. This discussion is usually fluid, but sometimes it can lead to some members of the technical team with crossed arms and looking down when trying to understand the technology issues of the other team....

High availability for Industry 4.0

High availability for Industry 4.0

Once the concepts of high availability and the “five nines” are defined, a question arises: is it necessary to apply high availability strategies in the industry? Which are the challenges posed by the 4th industrial revolution? In many industries, the availability of...



Stratus has been added to the OPC standard to ensure that the Stratus ftServers, which use VMWare, can be seamlessly integrated in the plant automation infrastructure. A full synergy between IT/OT requires all elements working in the OT world to be able to communicate...


Do you think your systems ensure High Availability?

In most cases it is assumed that our systems are always secure and that can not fail, but does it?